We have now transcribed all the comments made by members of the public at the January consultation events and have started the process of analysing them in order to develop a questionnaire to go out later this year.
Over 300 people made 475 individual comments.  Add this to the 156 comments made by the 74 people who came to our stall at the Christmas Fair and we have a very good base to build on.
Nearly all the comments were made by adult women and men.  There were 9 contributions from children but hardly any from teenagers and young adults.  We are now looking at ways in which we can fill this gap.
The range of topics covered was very wide and because we have counted each time something was mentioned we now have an idea of what is uppermost in people’s mind.
The next step is to devise a draft questionnaire.  The key to doing this successfully is to be able to frame questions so that they give us the sort of answers we can use to develop an action plan for Bingham.
We hope to have a draft fairly soon and will be looking for volunteers to help us test it.  If you want to be one then contact us.