We are now allowed to announce that the Big Lottery has made a grant of over £4400 to the Bingham Community-led Plan group.  We had already been given grants by Bingham Town Council, Councillor Martin Suthers from his allocation as a county councillor and Rushcliffe C & VS.  The total now covers all our predicted expenses.

We are really pleased with this result.  It means that can stand as a truly independent group with no strong links to any elected authority.  This  has been an issue that we have encountered at the open day events we arranged.  A number of people thought that we were an arm of Bingham Town Council and did not approve.  We are in fact fully independent even though the town council took the initiative to set us up.  There is only one councillor on the steering group and he is there as a link between the two groups.  This has been important recently because one big issue raised at the consultation events was car parking.  Councillor Fox, who is the town council representative on the CLP steering group is also the chair of the car parking committee.  Because of this we have been kept informed what action has been taken about this issue and what may follow.  The rest of the members are all Bingham residents who work either in Bingham or outside; there are business people, retired,but active and interested residents, representatives of the community groups and the leisure activities.

Now that we have this grant we are hopeful of achieving our objectives to deliver an action plan on the main issues that will have been raised in the community.

Chairman Bingham CLP Steering Group