Community Survey Results

In September 2015 4,500 printed copies of a questionnaire prepared by the Bingham Community-led Plan (CLP) Steering Group were delivered to every household and business premises in Bingham.  A shorter version was made for Toot Hill College and School, Carnarvon Primary School and Robert Miles Junior School.  Both were also available online via this website.  The questionnaires were built around key issues that had been identified during public consultation events held in December 2014 and January 2015.

The response from the public was excellent.  There were 1984 main questionnaires completed (a response rate of 44%), and 969 from the schools (a response rate of 46%).  The final results, after detailed analysis, were well balanced in terms of adult and school-age participants.  Furthermore, students from Toot Hill College participated in the analysis of the Toot Hill data and took part in discussion groups to look in depth at some of the students’ responses.

The end product is a list of priorities, given below, that people who live, work or use facilities in Bingham would like to see implemented.  They are broadly based, but there is a common thread through some of them that reflects fears among the general public for the future viability of the town centre, both from the impact of recent planning decisions that have given consent for three new supermarkets and the lack of progress in solving the car parking problems.  The first twelve are the ones that had the most support in the questionnaires, or which emerged as very strongly supported issues in discussions with the students.

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Full Report

Appendix 4
The raw data taken from the questionnaire answers presented in tabular form.

Appendix 5
Analysis of the evidence for the actions listed in the report.

Appendix 6
Main Questionnaire
Schools Questionnaire

The 12 highest priority actions

  • Bingham Town Council should use its powers to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan for Bingham.
  • Improve the consultation process with Bingham residents for any future development proposals affecting the town.
  • A Community Centre should be built, taking into account the preferred uses indicated in the questionnaire responses.
  • Re-establish a local tip or recycling centre.
  • Provide free limited hours car parking in the town centre to support shoppers, businesses and visitors and charge for longer stays.
  • Provide a long-stay chargeable car park outside the town centre.
  • Bingham Leisure Centre should be upgraded and maintenance improved, rather than build a new facility north of the railway line.
  • Reduce traffic speeds to 20mph in the town centre and residential areas.
  • Address safety concerns in the Market Place with pedestrian crossings at Eaton Place and Robert Miles Junior School.  Improve accessibility for pedestrians and extend the one-way traffic system.
  • Increase the use of the Market Place for outdoor dining and entertainment.
  • Improve facilities for cyclists including parking, dedicated cycle lanes and links to surrounding villages.
  • Provide safe pedestrian crossings on access routes to the schools and across main roads as given in the report.

Health and social care

  • There was a preference for longer opening hours in the Belvoir Health Centre (rather than seven- day opening), particularly among working-age people.
  • Start more local support groups to meet the individual needs identified.


  • Provide more adult education classes.

Sports and recreation

  • Maintain and improve the range and standard of sporting facilities.
  • Provide more outdoor play areas and better equipment for all ages.

Crime and anti-social behaviour

  • Police presence in Bingham should be increased.
  • Street lighting across the town should be improved.
  • The threat of anti-social behaviour is more perceived than real, but could be addressed by providing more facilities for youngsters.
  • Extend and improve awareness of the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme.

Public conveniences

  • Refurbish the present public toilets and introduce a small fee to help pay for it.
  • Investigate adding extra public toilets to accommodate the expanding population and to cater for sports fields.


  • Improve the cleaning of streets and open spaces.
  • Reduce the amount of dog mess on pavements, alleyways and open spaces.
  • Introduce a ‘Bingham Bag’ scheme.
  • Provide more allotments.
  • Increase the provision of country park/gardens, wildlife areas and upgrade the Linear Park.


  • Set up a website dedicated to Bingham that supports local businesses, promotes events and is a source of local information.
  • Provide assistance for those wishing to start a business, including work space and information for new retailers.

Market Place

  • Encourage Rushcliffe Borough Council to support more outdoor events and activities in the Market Place.


  • Provide an accessible bridge or lift to give access to the Grantham bound platform at the railway station.
  • Introduce traffic lights at the crossroads where Tithby Road meets the A52.
  • Look into the provision of a Park and Ride service.

Planning and future development of Bingham

  • The new development north of the railway line should include: adequate on-street, as well as private parking provision; a mix of traditional and modern housing designs; affordable housing to rent and buy; land for self-build homes; smaller 1 and 2 bed properties; warden-aided housing and bungalows.
  • All current pedestrian crossings over the railway line should be retained.